Problems with scaling in printing and overall qulaity

There are several people asking about printer and scaling issues with no resolve. Can you please look into this? I am running the full version of editor on Windows 11 and am up to date with all printer drivers.


Hello Geoff, sorry for the delay. Could you please give me a link to one of your diagrams that looks bad in printing so that I can try to replicate your specific problem?

I cannot find a share file option anywhere in the editor.

The scaling on export to PDF is off. It’s squashing the export so the height is increased and looks weird, like it’s not calculating the width correctly and compensating. Here’s link with website preview, PDF export and screenshot of export clearly illustrating said issue. Regards.!AtiOBtljjOMGieJkTCrNcleB-pndlw?e=gm1svY

Hello, sorry for the delay. I made a few changes to prevent this wrong resizing of the exported pdf, please check if everything works now.

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No problem. I tested it out after clearing browser cache on Microsoft Edge and FireFox and can confirm that PDF export is now working properly with correct proportions. Thank you for taking the time to respond and fix. Regards.

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