Problem with the chord generator?

It seems to me that in the chord generator, the chords listed under 13th are the same as the chords listed under 11th. My theory knowledge is pretty basic but this doesn’t seem right to me. Shouldn’t 13th chords contain a 13th, aka a 6th? i.e. a C6 should contain an A?

Hi @hmwhse, chords containing a 13th can contain an 11th but not the other way around, so yes if you selected 13th and you are getting 11th chords there must be something wrong.
But I can’t replicate the issue you are talking about, can you post a screenshot that shows the settings you used in the generator and the wrong results displayed?

Hi Jay,
Thanks for the reply.
I was talking about the chords list that appears when you click in the chord type field near the top (next to the key selector). There are a number of sub headings in the list; triads, quadriads, ninth chords, 11th chords and 13th chords. The chords listed under the last sub-heading, 13th chords are the same chords listed under the 11th chords sub-heading, and are all 11th chords. There are no 13th chords listed under the 13th sub heading.

:wink: Ian

Oh wow ok thank you very much for letting me know, that’s definitely some copy-paste mistake, I’ll fix it asap.