PDF image download isn't scaled correctly - looks squashed

Hi there, don’t know if it’s an issue with my setup but when I download an image as PDF it looks squashed from the sides (i.e. anything circular is slightly oval). Anything I can do about that?


Same issue for me. Have you tried printing it? I cant get mine to the same resolution even with higher printer settings. I think the two issues are related.

Same here. It’s not replicating the resolution correctly.

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Hello Mark, sorry for the delay. I am not able to replicate this problem on my end, it would be helpful if you could attach a link to your diagram and possibly attach the exported picture that is generated from your computer, so I can see what’s going on and hopefully fix it.

Have you seen my post on the forum? There’s numerous posts about this issue with no response or solution brought forward.

Hello, sorry for the delay. I made a few changes to prevent this wrong resizing of the exported pdf, please check if everything works now.