PDF Export Scaling Isn't Correct and Needs Fixing

There’s been a lot of posts regarding squashed PDF export on here. I’ve taken the time to detail this issue with screenshots. Please review these images and see the differences between fretboard markers. When comparing the website preview and the PDF export, it’s apparent that the width of the fretboard has been squashed, whilst the height has been increased. See fretboard markers for evidence of this.

I’d appreciate a fix for this as soon as possible as it makes exported PDFs unfit for printing and use. Thank you.

All screenshots and export available for comparison via link below.

Link to screenshots and export

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Thank you Cory. I too look forward to this being resolved as well.

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Since there’s been no response, I’ve sent an email to admin.

Hello, sorry for the delay. I made a few changes to prevent this wrong resizing of the exported pdf, please check if everything works now.

Tested after clearing cache on Microsoft Edge and FireFox and can confirm that PDF export is now working properly with correct proportions. Thanks!

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