Noticing Several Diagrams Created After Logging In That I Didn't Create

I initially started using Safari to create my first diagrams upon joining 2 weeks ago. I then noticed it recommended using Chrome on a computer, as opposed to anything on a mobile device (tablet / phone). After switching to Chrome for diagram creation, I noticed it’s definitely better—however—since switching over to Chrome, it seems to be creating diagrams (which are either duplicates (b/c they have the same name), or they’re duplicates that have updates… but I’ve actually over created 2 diagrams so far… somehow, when I just logged in, I noticed about 8. Why is this happening?


Hello Mike, sorry for the delay! Since this is the first time I hear this, I suspect you are saving your diagrams as “new diagram” when making changes, instead of updating the existing diagram. If you only have duplicates but nothing is missing you can delete the duplicates (by looking at your profile I believe you did that already) and let me know if this happens again.

Thank you Jay! Yes, I did kind of figure that out, and took those steps already (saved them to my computer first). And no worries, re: delay… I appreciate your follow-up.

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