New fretboard is over top of the button to change amount of frets

When I create a new “diagram” the fret board is over top of the button “show frets”. It doesn’t allow me to change the amount of frets on the neck. I usually use 22 for my charts. I keep trying to figure out a workaround and can’t do it. I believe I can just use an old chart and then change it and save it as a new chart but who wants to do all of that just to do a quick chart.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


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I have recently found this to be an issue as well.

Just tested here. Don’t have that issue. One thing that did happen when I resumed was the fretboard width wasn’t automatically sized within the page so I had to use the scrollbar to see the right hand side. Once I grabbed the bottom right hand resize control I was able to zoom it back in.

This screenshot illustrates the fretboard not being placed completely with the page automatically.

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this is what I’m seeing when I open up the editor to start a new chart. It was never like this before so I don’t know what changed. Check it out.

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I tried resizing the fretboard but it didn’t help.

I just tested on Microsoft Edge and yes, there’s an issue there. But on FireFox, I don’t have the issue.

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The issue I’m having is on Google Chrome.

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I just tested it on Safari. The same thing is happening on Safari as well. So it appears to be happening on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.

similar issue encountered by me on Chrome.

my work around is to open a saved diagram. Then I erase everything on the diagram and create a new diagram and then make sure I save it as a new diagram so it doesn’t get rid of the original chart.

This does work but I would rather just start a new chart and not have to go through these steps.