Issues with fretboard after changing fret range

I noticed that these two bugs after messing around with the range of the fretboard. Right now the range of the fretboard is currently from frets 0-12. If you open a new diagram and go to change the fretboard to show 6 frets, for example 0-6, the text box moves position due to the fretboard getting smaller but the issue is the title testbox that says “Type a title here” blocks you from clicking right side range.

Because of this, you might think that just deleting the fretboard and replacing it with a brand new one will fix the issue. The 2 problem is now with you delete the freboard and create a new one right after the one you just made, the brand new fretboard is only one line and is oddly generated.

Also I can’t imbed more than one photo when making a post since I’m a new user so I’ll have to make it a rely but I do think it would be a good change to increase that limit

Thank you for letting me know. Both issues should be fixed now, the boxes containing the fret numbers cannot block the title and viceversa, and adding a fretboard after having removed all of them will not generate a corrupted one.