Is it possible to "Select All" items on a fretboard, and cut / paste all (everything) to a new fretboard in a NEW collection?

I pretty much asked the entire question in the “Subject” :slight_smile: but…

Now that I am more familiar with using GS’s Editor, I realized I created a fretboard diagram that would be better suited for an entire new collection (if that’s what new items are called). Thanks in advance!

you can imagine the collections as being like the “folders” in your computer, you can create the collections to organize the documents in your profile as if they were files.
At the moment you can’t copy and paste the content of a fretboard, but you can duplicate a fretboard and then edit the duplicate. Also you can’t copy a fretboard across documents, but the same workaround can be used where sufficient: you can duplicate and modify the entire document.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

How do you duplicate an existing fretboard to the same document. (I’ll probably figure it out by the time this is answered but maybe post it for others.