How to pay for site?

I can’t figure out how to pay for this site.

I go to this page:

I select the currency, and the plan that I want… then… what?
There are no buttons to hit. Clicking on the plan doesn’t bring up a popup or redirect to a new site.

How do you actually pay for this?

I tried w/ both firefox and chrome. No joy.

I will second this, i cant figure this out either


I’m trying to re-up but have the same issue.

+1 take my money please

can someone resolve this issue?

Hi guys, sorry for the long silence, and sorry for this problem.

Paid plans are temporarily suspended for technical reasons. They will be activated again soon.
In order to let you keep using the website as intended I took a temporary measure:

The trial membership will behave the same as the premium membership and you will be able to activate it again once it expires until the issue is fixed.

Thank you for using my website!